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Custom Air Filters

Custom Air Quality Solutions

Sentry Custom Filters creates air quality solutions for just about any non-residential environment – from clean rooms to operating rooms, office buildings to factory floors, and OEMs to unknown third-party manufacturers. Every Sentry custom filter is designed for your unique application, your setup, and the pollutant you are trying to remove. 

Air Purification

Clean Room Filtration

Fume Extraction

Not sure what your solution would be? That’s what we’re here for.

Sentry Custom Particulate Filters

For dust, bacteria, spores, and other particulates

SCF high-efficiency air filters remove dust, particulates, and powders that create health & safety hazards and damage equipment. Our custom particulate filters are made of a complex web of glass fibers, pleated to increase the total surface area and decrease resistance to airflow, and sealed and bonded to a metal frame with a gasket of your choice. Sentry offers high-efficiency filters that are 100% fire retardant, including HEPA, ULPA, and 95% ASHRAE particulate filters.

ASHRAE High Efficiency 0.5 micron filters (MERV 15)

HEPA Higher Efficiency 0.3 micron filters (MERV 17)

ULPA Highest Efficiency 0.12 micron filters (MERV 20)

Sentry Specialty Blended Carbon Filters

For fumes, odors, and other airborne gaseous pollutants

SCF activated carbon filters efficiently remove fumes, odors, chemicals and contaminants from airborne gasses. We only use virgin carbon in our filters. This process starts by charring the host material (granular coconut shells). Next, this carbon base material is injected with hot carbon dioxide or steam to increase the porosity and then impregnated with proprietary reagents that remove pollutants from air and gas streams.

Acid Gas (HCl, CH3COOH, HNO3)

Ammonia Gas (NH3)

Mercury Vapor 

Aldehyde Gas 

Radioactive Methyl Iodide

Our Customer-First Process

Our 7-step design and manufacturing process is centered around customer input to ensure optimal fit for purpose. Our in-house application specialists discuss with you your application and equipment, work with you to develop the design specifications, and manufacture your approved design in our Houston-based facility. For more information on manufacturing and delivery times, please see Our Process.

Why Choose Sentry Custom Filters?

Since 1983, our family-owned and operated company has been dedicated to delivering clean indoor air to your work environment. Our mission is to create the perfect fit for your application and deliver it from our factory directly to your door.

Superior Customer Service

Our experienced, easy-to-reach, US-based customer service team works directly with you to understand the problem you’re facing and answer your questions. Our application specialists are available M–F (8 am–4:30 pm central).

Expert Engineering Design

Our full-service engineering and design team listens to your application needs to design a filter that fits your specific filtration requirements. We include 3D drawings and approval drawings to ensure you have the proper filter design and build experience.

US-Based Manufacturing

Using our in-house, high-quality machinery, we build the filter to the engineering design specifications. Every filter we make is inspected to ensure it matches specifications and is carefully packed to ensure damage-free transport to your facility.

Quick Turnaround & Filter Warranty

Because Sentry manufactures in-house using our DOP-tested materials, our turnaround times are quick (usually within 1–3 weeks of the initial order date). And if a filter is somehow out of spec when it arrives, we will correct the issue or refund your money.

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